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IthacaTech Podcast Episode 1 Interview With Casey Dreier

IthacaTech Podcast - Episode 1 Interview with Casey Dreier

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Episode 1 is out!  In this episode we interview Rails developer Casey Dreier.  Casey is a lead Ruby on Rails developer and evangelist at SingleBrook Technology, Inc. in Ithaca, NY.

We discuss Ruby, Rails, Casey’s recent Rails bug fixes, the James Webb Space Telescope, and our thoughts on fostering the Ithaca developer community.

We’ve upgraded to some new-fangled audio equipment, so look forward to improved audio quality (and maybe production skills to match in the future).

Please send feedback, suggestions, and angry screeds to

- Aaron


Our new audio setup, thanks to Linux Outlaws for details on their production process 

And thanks to people giving us weird looks as we blithely tested our equipment. <3

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