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Introducing the IthacaTech Podcast

Introducing the IthacaTech Podcast!

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This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while - start an Ithaca-based tech podcast.  Michal and I are always coming across exciting new projects and technologies and we’d like to create a venue for sharing those discoveries and discussions with others, and, conversely, learning from others in the area.

We are aiming for a local focus - we want to highlight local business, events, music, etc.  To that end we are looking for:

  • web and other software developers in the area that want to talk about what they are working on
  • local music we can showcase or use as bumpers
  • topic and segment ideas, send them in!
  • feedback and corrections

If you have suggestions for podcast topics or would like to get involved with the podcast, let us know at (or just email us directly :).

Note: in the spirit of DIY, we are learning as we go. :) This first episode is pretty rough since we wanted to get our first show out there ASAP, so please excuse the audio quality!

- Aaron

Episode 0 - “The Rough In” Thurs. 6/16/11 Show notes

Today Michal discusses JavaScript frameworks and Aaron explains the Fork/Join pattern.

JavaScript frameworks discussed:

Fork/Join links

Local links

Podcast info